How Long Will My Battery Last?

Battery life depends on many factors:

  • the battery chemistry
  • the quantity and quality of the load on the battery
  • the number of recharge cycles
  • the length of non-use
  • the age of the battery
  • the internal design of the battery
  • the usage

These are some of the basic factors that will dictate how long your battery will last. Personally I have seen some battery's capacity (ability to power a device) last for 36 months whereas other battery's last only 8 months. Road warriors (people who use their battery power 3-4 hours per day – or more – will generally use the useful life of their battery a lot quicker than those people who use their battery power about 10-15 minutes per day.

One thing for sure every battery will die. Battery Replacements however are easy to find however.

Until next time – Dan Hagopian,
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