Garmin Approach G6 Battery Replacement Instructions

Garmin Approach G6 Battery Replacement Instructions

1. Read these instructions all the way through before beginning. Use patience and care throughout the process to avoid damage to your unit.

2. Back up any saved data, as your data may be lost during the replacement process.

3. Place the unit face down. Use the included Torx T4 and T5 screwdrivers to remove the six screws around the edges of the back case. Try the T5 screwdriver first, and move to the T4 screwdriver only if the T5 screwdriver will not fit to avoid stripping the screws. We found that four screws were T5’s and two were T4’s, but they were randomly located. Set the screws aside.

4. Use the included Phillips screwdriver to remove the back rubber bumper that covers the charging ports. Set the bumper and its screws aside separately.

5. Use the plastic pry tool to pry around the seam between the front and back cases. There may appear to be two seams, one closer to the screen and the other around the rubber back portion of the unit. You will need to use the seam closer to the screen. The other seam does not open. The metal flathead can be used, with care, to create the initial opening. IMPORTANT: Be aware that the front case is connected to the motherboard at the bottom, so be very careful not to tear the connecting cable when you pull the case apart. Open carefully from the top. The connecting cable can be detached by gently lifting the edge of it where it connects to the motherboard. You don’t have to detach it, but doing so will make the battery replacement process easier. It is a bit of a challenge to reconnect it at the end, but doable.

6. Once the front case is open, you will see that the internals of the screen are attached to the motherboard with two Torx screws. These were T5 screws in our tester unit, but the T4 screwdriver may be used if the T5 screwdriver does not fit. Remove and set aside those two screws.

7. Remove and set aside the orange bumper that is around the external edge of the motherboard. It is similar to a rubber band, and will come right up using the pry tool or your fingernail.

8. Very carefully lift up the green motherboard to expose the original battery. It can help to squeeze the sides to create an opening, and use the pry tool to get underneath and pry up the board (again, very carefully).

9. Unplug the original battery by gently lifting the connector upwards by the wires. Note the orientation of the connector, so that you will know which direction the new battery connector should go in. Also note the orientation of the body of the original battery.

10. Remove the body of the original battery using the plastic pry tool, or the metal flathead if needed. Pry carefully around the edges until it comes up, taking care not to bend or break the battery. 

11. Place the new battery in the battery compartment, oriented in the same way as the original. Take care not to crimp the wires. Press the new battery’s connector down into the contact slot. Do not force it in- the connector will go in only one way. If it does not go in easily, please turn it over and try the other way. Some of the glue from the original battery will probably remain in the compartment and hold the new battery in. If not, double-sided tape can be used, but it is not really necessary. The battery compartment is small enough to keep the battery from moving significantly.

12. Replace the motherboard. Reinstall the screen screws.

13. Replace the orange bumper around the edge of the motherboard.

14. Reconnect the ribbon cable from the front case to the motherboard, if you previously disconnected it. The square piece on the ribbon cable snaps down onto the square piece on the motherboard. If you look at both connectors carefully, you will see how they connect.

15. Snap the front case onto the back case. Take care that the orange bumper stays in place and does not get in between the cases.

16. Reattach the charging port cover.

17. Reinstall all six screws into the back case.

18. Charge the new battery to full. Recycle the original battery by dropping it off at any local electronics, home improvement, office supply or department store, or Walmart. They will have a box to collect used batteries, usually in the customer service department or the electronics department.

PLEASE NOTE: Patience and care, along with moderate technical and hand tool ability|are required for the successful replacement of a battery. Excessive force may result in damage to your device. The instructions above come with no warranty or guarantee. By utilizing these instructions|you agree to hold and blameless and unaccountable for any and all damages|problems|or personal injuries that may or may not arise by your use of these instructions. Replacing your battery may void any warranty you have on your device. Please read all instructions BEFORE replacing the battery.