Apple iPhone 3G Battery Replacement Instructions

The following guide may be used to replace Apple iPhone 3G Battery. Please see caution and care notes below before beginning. Please see complete model list below.

1. Begin by turning off your iPhone.

2. Next remove your SIM card.

3. Remove the two screws at the base of your iPhone.

4. Next using the provided suction cup carefully remove the iPhone screen. Use enough force to remove the screen but BE CAREFUL as the screen is attached to cables on the inside.  The screen is designed to pull apart with the suction cup but then once apart you will need to remove the cables which is the next step.

5. To seperate tge screen carefully detach the connectors in order 1-6.

6. Next remove the 7 screws securing the circuit board. The 5th screw is under tape. Gently peel back the tape to reveal the screw and remove.

7. Carefully lift the circuit board. Detach the camera connector from the circuit board and remove. You should now see the battery.

8. Remove the battery. The battery is held down by an adhesive. So gentle firmness will be required. Use of the plastic pry tool will also be essential in removing the battery.

9. Place a new iPhone 3G Battery from into your iPhone.

10. Now we need to reverse our steps..

11. Reattach the camera connector to the circuit board.

12. Replace the circuit board. Be careful to not detach the camera connector.

13. Reattach connectors 4-6.

14. Replace all 7 screws to secure the circuit board.

15. Reattach connectors 1-3. This requires the attaching of the screens ribbon cable or  connector number 3. Be sure to attach the final 2 connectors.

16. Carefully close and snap the screen.

17. Replace the 2 screws at the base of your iPhone.

18. Replace your SIM card.

19. Turn on your iPhone. Be sure to charge the iPhone for at least 2 hours before continuing to use.

PLEASE NOTE: Patience and care, along with moderate technical and hand tool ability, are required for the successful replacement of a battery. Excessive force may result in damage to your device. The instructions above come with no warranty or guarantee. By utilizing these instructions, you agree to hold and blameless and unaccountable for any and all damages, problems, or personal injuries that may or may not arise by your use of these instructions. Replacing your battery may void any warranty you have on your device. Please read all instructions BEFORE replacing the battery.


Instruction Compatible Model List:

HLP088-H1942, 616-0372, 616-0428, Apple iPhone 3G 8GB, iPhone 3G 16GB
616-0431, 616-0432, 616-0434, GB-S10-374270-0200, GB-S10-374270-0100, 616-0435  Apple iPhone 3G S 16GB, iPhone 3G S 32GB