Milwaukee M12 Battery

Nuts and Bolts:

Good Battery: Yes
Super High Tech: No
Aftermarket Comparables: Yes for less!

The Milwaukee M12 “RedLithium” battery is the newest “technology” out of Milwaukee tools. The RedLithium technology comes with the M12 and M18 tools (including Fuel and Brushless power tools).

Specific to the M12 Milwaukee has utilized Samsung’s INR18650-15R cells. But this is nothing exclusive as Samsung, LG or Sanyo cells are most commonly found in powertool batteries. But again they are not exclusive to Milwaukee. Most sellers use batteries with these cell soureces. In fact if you checkout the over 1700 different Power Tool Batteries at you will find that these powertool batteries utilize either Samsung, LG or Sanyo cells.

The base M12 battery comes in a 1.5Ah battery (roughly 15% greater than the standard 1.3Ah for the standard 12V. But that is nothing spectacular for heavy powertool workers as you would want a Milwaukee M12 Battery that at a minimum delivers a 3.Ah of power like the Milwaukee M12 Battery version at That is the same as the M12 XC.

The M12 Battery comes with the following compatible part numbers: 48-11-2401, 48-11-2402, 48-11-2412, 48-11-2440.

Like the OEM that aftermarket version offers 12V and 3.0Ah and are optimized to operate in temperatures below 0 degrees and has integrated power management circuits to protect against over-voltage and under-voltage conditions and maximize battery life between charges, minimize charging times, and improve overall battery life.

The 12V is a 36 Watt hour battery with high current discharge to offer increased power and performance. It is 40% less weight than its NICD cousin. It offers fade free power an onboard fuel gauge to help you read battery life. Temperature Management System that keeps the battery in an ideal temperature range to provide maximum life. It offers best-in class construction for long lasting performance and an integrated welded frame.  It can be used in extreme circumstances. And can be used on the M18/M12 Multivoltage (48-59-1812), M18 AC/DC (2710-20) charger.

The best thing yet is that So what is the difference? Price – the with the aftermarket version you will save yourself at least $30!