Garmin Nuvi 750 Battery Installation Instructions

The following Garmin Nuvi 750 Battery Replacement Instruction guide can be used for the following models:

Garmin Nuvi 750 Battery

1. Begin by turning your nuvi 750 face down.

2. On the back near the bottom there will be 2 small screws. Remove those screws with the T4 screw driver provided.

3. Next using the pry tool provided separate the housing case being sure to separate all around the Garmin.

4. Lift up the front portion of the nuvi being careful not to fully separate the two parts as the battery connector and the speaker connector will be attached and connected. Lift just enough to see the battery and the connectors.

(At this point you have 2 options at this point – either disconnect both the speaker wire connector and the battery connector to full separate both halves or simply disconnect the battery cable. You can do whatever is easier for you.)

5. Now disconnect the old battery and remove. There may be some adhesive glue holding down the old battery so you may need to gently pry the old battery up.

6. Insert the new Garmin Nuvi 750 battery. There is only one way to put the new battery in – the red wire will face the top. Now reconnect the battery (and if you disconnected the speaker then reconnect the speaker cable).

7. Now close the housing being careful to not pinch the wires. Click the housing together.

8. Now screw the 2 screws back on place using the T4.

9. Charge your new battery for 4 hours and then turn on to use your Garmin Nuvi 750.

PLEASE NOTE: Patience and care, along with moderate technical and hand tool ability, are required for the successful replacement of a battery. Excessive force may result in damage to your device. The instructions above come with no warranty or guarantee. By utilizing these instructions, you agree to hold and blameless and unaccountable for any and all damages, problems, or personal injuries that may or may not arise by your use of these instructions. Replacing your battery may void any warranty you have on your device. Please read all instructions BEFORE replacing the battery.