iPaq Battery – iPaq PDA History

iPaq batteries have been available since the first iPaq PDA was released in 2002. This iPaq by the way was the HP iPAQ h5450. The IPAQ H5450 Battery technology consists of: a Polymer Lithium battery cell and rated at 3.7 volts and a capacity of 1400 mAh. The IPAQ H5450 battery contains integrated power management circuits that protect against over-voltage and under-voltage conditions and maximizes battery life between charges, minimizes charging times, and also improves overall battery life.

Additional iPaqs and their release dates are:

HP ipaq rx5915 Travel Companion (released 2006)

HP ipaq hw6900 Mobile Messenger (released 2006)

HP ipaq hx2790 (released 2005)

HP ipaq hx2490 (released 2005)

HP ipaq hx2190 (released 2005)

HP ipaq rx1950 (released 2005)

HP ipaq hw6500 Mobile Messenger (released 2005)

HP ipaq hx2110 (released 2004)

HP ipaq hx2410 (released 2004)

HP ipaq hx2750 (released 2004)

HP ipaq rx3115 (released 2004)

HP ipaq hx4705 (released 2004)

HP ipaq rx3715 (released 2004)

HP ipaq rx3415 (released 2004)

HP ipaq rz1715 (released 2004)

HP ipaq h6315 / h6320 (released 2003)

HP ipaq h4350 h4355 (released 2003)

HP ipaq h5150 (released 2003)

HP ipaq h4150 h4155 (released 2003)

HP ipaq h1940 h1945 (released 2003)

HP ipaq h5550 h5555 (released 2003)

HP ipaq h2210 h2215 (released 2003)

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