SkyGolf SG2 Battery Replacement Instructions

The following are the SkyGolf SG2 Battery Replacement Instruction guide.

1. Begin by laying your Skygolf SG2 face down and remove the three recessed screws on the back.

2. Next carefully open the plug on the side of the SkyCaddie.

3. Next holding the GPS unit in your hand (with the screen facing downward) gently pull down the front plate of the unit and put the bottom half of the unit on a table with the belt clip facing down.

4. Next if there is a plastic bar on the right side push that upwards and then remove the battery. If no bar is present simply disconnect the old battery.

5. Replace the old battery by inserting and plugging in a brand new SkyGolf SG2 Battery from Be certain to orient the new battery the same way the old one was oriented (at the bottom of where the circuit board is located; be sure to place the red wire on the left and set the wires along the top of the battery).

Now let's reverse our steps.

6. Place the front half of the GPS unit onto the back half and align the sides and connect them.

7. Carefully press the two halves together and replace the screws removed in step 1.

8. Place the rubber plug back in the right hand side of the Skygolf and charge your new battery for four hours. Then turn on your SG2.

PLEASE NOTE: Patience and care, along with moderate technical and hand tool ability, are required for the successful replacement of a battery. Excessive force may result in damage to your device. The instructions above come with no warranty or guarantee. By utilizing these instructions, you agree to hold and blameless and unaccountable for any and all damages, problems, or personal injuries that may or may not arise by your use of these instructions. Replacing your battery may void any warranty you have on your device. Please read all instructions BEFORE replacing the battery.