What is the difference between an Aftermarket Battery and an OEM Battery?

The difference between an Aftermarket Battery and an OEM battery is Price, Value, and Performance.

More Info:

Price –There is a direct association between the price of product and the company’s expenses. The lower the expenses the lower the price – the higher the expenses the higher the price you will have to pay.

BatteryShip aftermarket batteries offer customers a significantly lower price than that of the OEMs. In fact on average our customers end up saving up to 90% in the cost of the battery compared to OEM versions.

Value – In addition to lower price Aftermarket (Generic) Batteries offer consumers a greater value in terms of capacity and longevity. The higher the capacity rating, the longer your battery can last between charges (this is runtime). For example if an OEM battery has capacity of 2.0Ah and the aftermarket version has a 3.0Ah capacity well then you are getting 50% more battery for your money. The Aftermarket batteries at BatteryShip have an Ah rating 30-100% higher than the OEM batteries. This means that with an Aftermarket battery your runtime will “go” for 30% to 100% longer than the original. Now that is some serious power!

More capacity equals more runtime. More runtime equals better value! Better value means more money you will save!

Performance – What is important to your device is that your voltage, capacity, chemistry meet the specific design needs of your tool. Your device does not care whether you have a big brand name on the battery or if it is a generic aftermarket battery! The key question to answer with regards to performance is will it work and how long will it last?

Aftermarket batteries are built to last! Aftermarket batteries that we carry use Grade A Quality cells and undergo the same quality testing practices that all other companies incorporate into their manufacturing processes. We utilize high quality battery cells that will last a very longtime – giving you day after day of great performance.

Our aftermarket batteries have a very low defect rate (running about 1% – which is great for any manufacture). Every manufacture and company has defects. It is a part of manufacturing regardless of the manufacturer’s name. Acceptable defect rates float between 1-3% of all units shipped. In manufacturing there is no such thing as 0% defect rate. That is why you have a product warranty with parts (money back periods and extended warranty periods).

Our warranty at www.BatteryShip.com is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a 1 Year Warranty against defects. This warranty guarantee protects your purchase.