Milwaukee 18V Battery – Do I buy the 2.0Ah or 3.3Ah version?

When you are buying a Milwaukee 18V battery you need to know which capacity version you need? The Milwaukee 18V battery comes in either a 2.0Ah capacity or a 3.3Ah capacity.

To help you understand the difference between the two capacities of the Milwaukee 18V battery we will look at what capacity means and will do for you and we will consider your usage patterns to determine what would be the best choice.

First, battery capacity is a reference to the total amount of energy stored within a battery.  It is rated in Ampere-hours (AH), which is the product of:  AH= current X hours to total discharge.  This tells us how long we can expect the battery to run.  Amps can be divided into smaller units by adding an "m" to the amp hour therefore renaming the amp hour to "milli" amp hour: mAh. 

The higher the capacity rating, the longer your battery can last between charges (this is runtime). Generally, batteries have a mAh rating 30-100% higher than the batteries that are originally installed by the manufacturer of your device. The battery's capacity is determines runtime. Runtime tells you how long a battery will power your tool before the battery has to be recharged. The higher the capacity the longer the runtime! The longer the runtime the longer you will be able to use your device without recharging the battery. Said another way more capacity equals more runtime, more runtime equals better value!

So as mentioned above the Milwaukee 18V Battery has both a 2.0Ah and a 3.3Ah version. Which battery should you buy? The answer depends on your needs.  If you are a professional that uses your power tool for a living then so not even mess around with the 2.0Ah go with the 3.3Ah version and gain 65% more runtime! But if you are a casual home user then the 2.0 Ah battery will be just fine and meet all your home needs.  Just as a comparison the standard original battery from Milwaukee is only a 1.3Ah battery. So our 2.0Ah battery gives you 54% more runtime and our 3.3Ah battery gives you 154% more runtime!

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