Sony PRS-505-LC Battery Replacement Instructions

The following are the Sony PRS-505-LC Battery Replacement Instruction guide.

1. Begin by laying your Sony face down so that the backside is facing you.

2. Next remove the 4 screws located on the back of your device (near all 4 corners of the

3. Next – on the bottom of the eReader there will be a screw near the corner (opposite of
the input/connector slots). Loosen this screw. The screw will remain connected to the
reader but it does need to be loosened in order to separate the 2 halves.

4. Now using the pry tool provided in your kit gently remove the bottom external frame
(this is the metal frame that covers the input slots).

5. Once the metal cover has been removed you will see 3 screws. Remove these screws. Next
remove the back cover to reveal the inside of your Sony and the battery.

6. Next turn the eReader over and remove any SD Cards from the device.

7. Once the SD Cards are removed then using the pry tool remove the metal frame that covers
the SD Slots.

8. Next using the flat head screwdriver provided lift off the 2 clips from the top of the

9. Turn the eReader over and use the pry tool to push out the eReader from its cover. Push
it out just far enough so that you can access the ribbon cable.

10. Disconnect Ribbon cable.

11. Then pull the internal part of eReader out of its frame until you can see the battery.

12. Use the pry tool to lift up the old battery and disconnect it and remove from the
battery compartment.

13. Replace the old battery with a brand new Sony PRS-505-LC Battery Replacement from When replacing the battery be sure to push down the battery cables below the

circuit board surface.

14. Now let's reverse our steps. Carefully push back in the internal portion iof eReader
back into the frame. Only go half way since we need to reconnect the ribbon cable.

15. Connect the ribbon cable. Be sure it is secure.

16. Continue pushing in the eReader till it is back in position.

17. Return the 2 clips to their original positions.

18. Replace the top metal frame cover.

19. Return the 3 screws to the bottom of the device.

20. Snap the bottom metal frame cover in place and tighten the screw to secure the frame
into place.

21. Insert any SD cards back into their respective slots and replace the 4 screws on the
back of the eReader.

22. Charge your Sony PRS-505-LC Battery for four hours. Then turn on your Sony.

PLEASE NOTE: Patience and care, along with moderate technical and hand tool ability, are required for the successful replacement of a battery. Excessive force may result in damage to your device. The instructions above come with no warranty or guarantee. By utilizing these instructions, you agree to hold and blameless and unaccountable for any and all damages, problems, or personal injuries that may or may not arise by your use of these instructions. Replacing your battery may void any warranty you have on your device. Please read all instructions BEFORE replacing the battery.